Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mollie Meets Charlie!

We had a wonderful time during Mollie's visit this past week! She and Madeline were best buds -- totally inseparable. And since my sisters, Mollie, Andrea and I, are best buds too, I told Rob that having Mols here would be like him bringing his best friend to work. I just loved Mollie's company and appreciated her help so much. We divided and conquered! She and Madeline played and played -- I loved listening in on their 17-course tea parties and overhearing Madeline "help" Mollie put on her make-up as they both got ready for each day. We took the kids on long walks in the beautiful 79 degree weather, ran around at the playground, took Madeline to school, and had lots of fun lunches out and dinners at home. Mols was wonderful with Charlie too! He would fall asleep on her chest for hours at a time; he looked like a little jellybean snuggled up into her neck. The coup d'etat was Mollie treated Rob and me to Thai take-out and then sent us on a date! We went to Ben and Jerry's in downtown Franklin and split an ice-cream sundae -- we sat outside talking like it was a warm July evening in March. Stepping away from the phone, laundry and all responsibilities -- even if it's just for an hour -- is the most thoughtful gift new parents could receive. One night, Rob brought home flowers to celebrate Aunt Mollie Night. Thank you Mollie! We're so excited about our next visitor -- Aunt Andi arrives today and we can't wait!

On another note, Madeline sure does keep Rob and I laughing! A few days ago when she woke up, I asked her if she would like cereal or an egg for breakfast. She thought about it as I changed her diaper, and thoughtfully answered (in all seriousness)..."jamalaya." Then tonight during dinner, as she devoured our edamame appetizer, she looked at me and proudly said "Ed-a-ma-mee," which is not the easiest word for a two-year old to say. Then, she looked at Rob and said proudly, "Ed-a-DAD-EE!"

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Chelsea said...

Such cute pictures. So glad you all enjoyed yourselves. isn't it great to have family in town? It always makes you wish they were closer, doesn't it?

You look fantastic by the way!!