Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Some days are easier than others. It's raining here so we've been cooped up indoors. Little Charlie's stomach hurts, so he's been crying (and he's already in his third outfit of the day); Madeline's a little stir crazy (like her mom), so she's been testing limits as only a clever two-year old can. She's also been keeping herself busy, which is wonderful! Except that today that meant filling a Tupperware with water from Maple's bowl and accidentally pouring the whole thing out on the leather couch while I helplessly nurse Charlie just out of reach... Our house looks like the Unibomber's training ground (evidence in the picture above). I haven't taken a shower yet today or finished my first cup of coffee (it's 12:59pm and I've reheated it six times....)

Here's the upside -- the sun came out for a few minutes and we sprinted out the door. It was brilliant after the lightening and thunder (which Madeline called a truck). It was fun watching Madeline jump and roll (yep) in the puddles (outfit number two for her) in her rain boots. Now both of my sweet children are peacefully sleeping. And I just finished my coffee.


Chelsea said...

Oh yes, we know all about the bomb going off in the toy room. We have been so cooped up with all the snow and cold. Sometimes it's just too much work to drag him out in it. We finally get so stir crazy I cannot stay in this house one more minute!

Jamie said...

Meg, we definitely all have those moments when life seems a little frazzled. At least I know I do! You are such a great mom, handling moments like these with grace! Wish we lived closer so we could have playdates!!!