Friday, March 27, 2009

The First Block Party!

Last night our neighbors got together for our first outdoor cul-de-sac party! We've been saying since before the moving truck pulled out that we hit the jackpot living on this street with such friendly helpful, fun and social people. Our Louisiana-born neighbor, Stader, grilled enough meet for 30, and the rest of us brought a side dish. As the warm sun set, we lit up our firepit and watched as the kids excitedly roasted marshmallows (I found Madeline hunched over the bag stuffing one after another into her little mouth). The event was such a hit that we're planning several more and are starting a social blog for our street!

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Chelsea said...

Our neighborhood had block parties too but we never made it to one. How wonderful you have such nice friendly neighbors. It makes such a difference in your experience!