Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pants Off Dance Off

We have a little nightly ritual. If you walk by the Vlach house around 6:30pm, you'll likely hear the bass pumping and shrieks of uncontrollable laughter behind the drawn blinds. Every night after dinner, we have a dance party. Madeline asks for "moosic peeze" and begs for more songs when it's finally time to head upstairs for her bath. The only way she'll relent is with the promise of another dance party tomorrow night. So with Outkast, Madonna, Brittany or Kanye playing loudly, we swing Madeline around and watch her original dance moves, which look like some sort of erratic tribal dance with lots of hopping. And for some reason, 45 seconds into the first song, she almost always throws herself to the ground, stripping out of her pants and socks.

If you're a guest in our house, don't think you're off the hook. Everyone dances (but we'll let you leave your pants on...)


The Brown Family said...

Soooo funny! Hopefully we can visit sometime and take part - Cass would happily take off her pants with Mads for a dance off! Hope all is well. Miss ya!

Jamie said...

I can vouch for this one! Meg and I had our own little dance off (hosted by Carmen Electra) but we did indeed remain fully clothed! How funny! I'm sure it's loads more fun to see Mads running around dancing too! Wonder how Charlie will enhance Pants Off, Dance Off time! :)

Chelsea said...

We love dancing to "moosic" at our house too. We usually leave our pants on, although Wyatt does usually remove his socks.