Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life with Two

I can't believe we have two kids! Doesn't that seem grown up? But even more so, I can't believe I have a son! That Charlie will grow to be a man, that he'll ask girls to prom, that he'll have sideburns, stubble and smelly shoes, and he'll play sports I don't fully understand. That he may tower over me by the time he's 16. My heart broke the other day when I realized that he'll ask girls out and some of them might say thanks, but no thanks. But that he'll keep asking until one day he finds the love of his life and I'll have a daughter-in-law! Rob says let's get through T-ball first before we start planning weddings. The little fingers on his over-sized infant hands remind me of a lab puppy; his little athletic boy legs are so different from Madeline's feminine ones. Having only sisters and aunts, I still can't believe I carried a son for nine months and just found out two weeks ago!

Life with two is even more terrific than we imagined! Remembering back to when we brought Madeline home from the hospital as brand new (terrified but excited) parents, Rob and I both prepared for these early weeks like we were hunkering down for a category four hurricane. Instead, we feel relaxed and blissfully happy. It's more work, but manageable. We toss Charles into his carseat and go!

The day shift when Rob's at work and it's two-on-one requires a little more planning, juggling and sprinting up and down the stairs (thank goodness for security gates), but we're having fun. Every night, before we eat dinner together, we say grace and remember all that we're grateful for -- our little family, our health, Rob's job in this tough economy and the things that make life good!


The Stucks said...

Your pictures and memories of these times are so precious now...can you imagine what they will mean to you (and your children) in 10, 20, 30 years? Whoa...good thing life only comes one day at a time! Your family is beautiful inside and out!!

Chelsea said...

So glad you are settling in and taking it all in stride. I too remember those frantic early days when we first brought our little guy home. We were so clueless. It is amazing that such a tiny little thing can have you second guessing yourself at every step. I love hearing that it is "easier" the second time around. Maybe because you know what to expect. You are both such wonderful parents and little Charlie was born into a fantastic family!